Improving Cellular Signal on the Road


AM100-Pro Drive



Installation Type:

In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster


Sedan with Sunroof


AM-100 Pro Drive

Reduced Dropped Calls And Better Reception

We tested the AM100-Pro in a car with a sunroof (more prone to oscillation), so a great way to put the unit through its paces. We placed the outside mini magnet antenna next to the car’s own antenna. The inside antenna was placed next to the gear lever inside.The cell phone was held 1 meter away from the inside panel antenna. Driving around Johannesburg, we tested the vehicle signal booster at various locations by switching the signal booster on and off and noting the difference in cell signal strength readings.

They offer maintenance services on their products and installations as well as client training. Having strong, reliable cellular signal within their offices and showroom is critical to provide their clients with the professional service and support they strive to deliver at all times.


Signal strength is measured in decibel-milliwatts. Typically, a strong outside signal would be somewhere around -50 to -70 dBm, while anything below -100 dBm would be considered weak (-120 means no signal at all). According to the logarithm, the signal strength doubles with every third decibel, meaning that a dBm signal strength of something like -70 is actually twice the power of -73 dBm.The numbers may not make it look like a great change has occurred, but in reality, the decibels have grown exponentially.

All measurements were taken using “Network Cell Info Lite” – an Android App that provides you with your signal strength measurements and shows you where your nearest cell tower is located.

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