Security Sensivite Residential Home


Upmarket Diplomatic Home in Pretoria



Installation Type:

Signal Booster Solution for Residential Home

Building Size:

1500m2 Residential Home


WilsonPro A1000

Cellular Connectivity Solutions for Security Sensitive Home

New executive diplomatic home being constructed in an upmarket suburb of Pretoria. The home is built on the slopes of a mountain with all the rooms on the rear being against the mountain side where very poor cellular coverage exists. LTE/4G across all network operators is very poor or non-existent with some HSUPA and/or EDGE coverage present.

The brief is to ensure good LTE/4G coverage (Vodacom, MTN, Cell-C) in all areas of the home.


Due to the very low signal input levels of all operators and the layout/cable route implications, 2 x Wilson Pro A1000 amplifiers were designed into the system to achieve the required coverage solution.


Average LTE RSRP received readings through the poor coverage areas and across all networks is approximately -115dBm. After the installation, 5 antennas per A1000, the average LTE/4G readings in those same areas -90dBm.

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