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The use of Bolton Technical logos or trademarks on any 3rd party platform, affiliate site, marketplace, or online auction is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Bolton. All Bolton Technical Trademarks may not be used deceptively, either in ad copy (print, online, mobile or other forms of advertising) or a third-party website, and may not be altered in any way.

Intellectual Property

As part of this agreement, resellers are responsible for ensuring their use of keywords and ad content, including Bolton branded trademarks and logos, do not infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of others. The reseller also agrees to indemnify Bolton Technical for any losses by Bolton Technical resulting from the resellers’ infringement of a third party’s IP rights.


Q: What products are covered under Bolton’s MAP & Price Policy?

A: All Bolton models listed in the attached pricing sheets are covered by the MAP policy.

Q: What advertising is included?

A: The focus of the MAP policy is on Internet advertising, including websites, shopping sites, banner ads, broadcast emails and other means of advertising related to the Internet. Additionally, all offline channels are subject to Bolton MAP policies.

Q: Are there exceptions?

A: There are no exceptions to the MAP policy for advertising related to the Internet.

Q: How does MAP apply to open box or demo units?

A: Regardless of the product having been a demo unit or an open box, if the product has never been involved in a previous sales transaction, it is considered “new” and MAP is applicable. If the product is used, then it must be noted as “used” or “not new”. The image used to advertise a used product cannot be a stock image of a new product unless it is watermarked with “used” or “not new”. Returned or used product is no longer covered by the factory warranty, which is only valid to the original purchaser of the new product. Returned or used product must be shown as NOT being covered by the Bolton warranty.

Q: Can I show my Trade in program and advertise a lower price?

A: No, if you offer a trade in program, you can note “call for details, but MAP pricing must be displayed.

Q: How will the MAP Policy affect me as a dealer?

A: The MAP policy will benefit Bolton Technical brands and the vast majority of dealers who provide customer service, product support and build long-term relations with customers.

Q: What if I do not meet the requirements of the MAP Policy?

A: Bolton Technical will unilaterally take action to correct the situation. Actions can include indefinite lack of direct access to Bolton Technical products, indefinite lack of distribution access to Bolton Technical products and indefinite termination of authorized Bolton Technical dealership or distribution.

Q: How can a manufacturer control Minimum Advertised Price?

A: As a manufacturer, Bolton Technical is setting limits on advertising to reflect the high product standards we have established with our distributors, dealers and customers.

Q: Can Bolton discuss this policy with me?

A: Bolton Technical sales representatives are NOT permitted to discuss this policy or make any agreements or assurances with respect to our policy regarding reseller advertising or pricing. This also includes any consumer program or promotion that affects the MAP products.

Q: Can I sell Bolton Technical products on 3rd Party marketplaces or auction sites such as Jumia, Takealot, Mall for Africa, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, eBay, Buy.com, New Egg, etc.?

A: No. The use of Bolton Technical logos or trademarks on any 3rd party platform, affiliate site, marketplace or online auction (i.e. Jumia, Takealot, Mall for Africa, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, eBay, Buy.com, New Egg etc.) is strictly prohibited without the prior express written consent of Bolton’s Management. Receiving notice of authorization to sell Bolton Technical products as an official authorized reseller does NOT constitute and is not to be confused with written permission to sell on third party marketplaces.

Q: Where do I get more information?

A: For additional information, please send an inquiry to sales.gh@boltontechnicalafrica.com

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