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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a MTN Signal Booster the same thing as an MTN Network Extender?

No. They're completely different products.

A MTN Network Extender needs to be connected to a broadband landline internet to work. In short, it acts as a personal cell tower by converting your broadband landline to cell signals and vice versa.

A MTN Signal Booster takes your pre-existing weak cell signals, and amplifies that 3G & 4G LTE into your home, office, or car. Think of it like a megaphone, it enhances the signal for your phone to pick up.

Which is better: A MTN Signal Booster or an MTN Network Extender?

A MTN Signal Booster and here's why:

A MTN Network Extender needs internet (in-home WiFi router) to work. It requires a minimum speed up of 10 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink to provide reliable service.

But here is the downside:

  • First, you need to have a broadband landline internet from an internet service provider such as Surfline, Busy 4G, iBurst or Teledata ICT.
  • Second, you need minimum speeds at 10Mpbs download, 5 Mpbs upload for it work properly.
  • Third, your smartphone can use WiFi calling instead and it's technically free.

But if you don't have a landline internet service provider nor have access to it–especially rural areas, then a MTN booster is the best choice, since it doesn't require any type of internet or WiFi service to work.

It simply reaches farther to the nearest cell tower, bypasses multiple interference, and brings stronger signal to your phone.

Will a MTN Signal Booster also improve my MTN hotspot device?


MTN mobile hotspot routers use 3G & 4G LTE signals, and that's what signal boosters do: enhance 3G & 4G LTE signal!

From the MTN Wifi Router to MiFi, it'll get better signal and speeds, especially if the MTN 4G router has an external antenna port that can directly connect to the MTN signal booster

Will a MTN Signal Booster work with my MTN phone?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Whether it's an iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, or any phone, if it's working on the MTN network, then a signal booster will also improve reception to your phone.

What if I switch networks in the future?

Our MTN signal boosters from Wilson Electronics (weBoost & WilsonPro) are multi-network systems. This means they are also compatible with Vodafone, Airtel, Tigo, Busy, and other major and local African networks.

They are future-proof!

What about MTN 5G service?

The 5G standard has not been officially set by the 3GPP. Therefore carriers like MTN are pre-building our their 5G services by upgrading their current 4G LTE and giving it names like 5G Evolution, First on 5G, 5G+,etc.

But no, it's not the real 5G. It's pre-5G, fake 5G– it's literally 4G LTE on steroids.

The real 5G should start to launch by the end of 2021.

Will 5G make my MTN signal booster obsolete?


4G LTE is still being built out across Africa. If fact, 4G LTE is the backbone of the continent’s wireless service. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, AND it's getting faster.

4G LTE is expected to peak in 2030-2035. So...come back in a decade and ask the same question and we might have a different answer by then.

  • For Cars & Trucks

    The Perfect Booster to keep you connected on the road, wherever you are.

    • Most powerful vehicle signal booster
    • Boosts 3G and 4G LTE for multiple users in a vehicle
    • Works for all phones & networks in Ghana
    • Complete kit: all parts included, easy install
    • Better talk, text & internet guaranteed.
  • For Enterprise

    WilsonPro A8000 Enterprise Cell Phone Signal Booster

    This a commercial-grade product needing EXPERT ADVICE from our sales team

    Our Most Powerful Cellular Coverage System. This thing is the real deal.

    • Enhances Voice and Data (3G, 4G LTE) coverage up to 8000m² for all Ghana networks
    • +70 dB gain and +21 dBm uplink
    • Four independently controlled indoor antenna ports
    • Real time performance and wired access to WilsonPro Cloud for remote monitoring

Our Guarantee

Boosts 3G & 4G LTE Signals
Works for all
Ideal for Rural & Urban Areas
1 Year Warranty
One time purchase No monnthly fees
30 day Money Back Guarantee

How cell phone signal boosters work

Outside Signal is Important - Signal Boosters work best when signal outside your vehicle, home or office is strong.
In Your Home
In The Office
In Your Vehicle
1Outside Antenna
Pulls in tower Signal
2Signal Booster
Boosts the Signal
3Inside Antenna
Broadcasts the signal inside your home
1Outside Antenna
Pulls in tower Signal
2Signal Booster
Boosts the Signal
3Inside Antenna
Broadcasts the signal inside your office
1Outside Antenna
Pulls in tower Signal
2Signal Booster
Boosts the Signal
3Inside Antenna
Broadcasts the signal inside your vehicle

Customer Testimonials

Great Product! We live on the coast of KZN, surrounded by trees and often hit by storms. Our WilsonPro booster is incredible. Fairly easy to install and the results are incredible.
Peter Hansen, KZN
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