PPM Audio Visual: Edenvale, South Africa


PPM Audio Visual


Audio Visual Equipment Distributor

Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Signal Booster

Building Size:

577m2 Warehouse and Office Space


WilsonPro A1000

Cellular Coverage for 577m2 Office and Warehouse

PPM Audio Visual provide customised integrated audio visual solution for education and corporate environments. They are the sole distributor of a number of AV products and manufacture their own range of AV modules.

They offer maintenance services on their products and installations as well as client training. Having strong, reliable cellular signal within their offices and showroom is critical to provide their clients with the professional service and support they strive to deliver at all times.


After expanding their business and moving into a new 577m2 warehouse and office building end of 2018, The PPM Audio Visual team realised that their upstairs office, showroom and boardroom area had non-existent cell phone signal - specifically on the Vodacom network.

PPM Audio Visual follows a traditional customer-centric business model, with an emphasis on client communication and highly rely on cell signal to make calls to prospective and existing clients and receive client calls and orders. This was a massive problem as most of their sales representatives were on the Vodacom network, and it meant frequent frustration with dropped and lagging voice calls.


After learning there is a solution to weak cell phone signal within their building, PPM Audio Visual requested a site-survey and solution for their in-building cellular signal. Our system design specialists worked with PPM Audio Visual to measure the outside signal and designed a floor plan to focus on high priority areas, such as the administration offices and showroom area.

Based on the initial site survey, our systems design team recommended a WilsonPro A1000, which covers a floor area up to 1000m2 per amplifier and improves 2G, 3G & 4G LTE for all mobile networks.

Mobile Network

Before Dbm Reading

After Dbm Reading




Cell C






Literally from non-existent service to strong, reliable reception with the flip of a switch.



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